Grind size: Fine
Coffee to water ratio: 1g coffee to 16g water
Water temp: 205 °F
Brew Time: Approx. 5 minutes
Gear required: V60-02, filters, gooseneck kettle, scale, coffee grinder


Step 1
Shape your filter (as they come flat)—give them a pinch so they are cone shaped.

Step 2
Place the filter inside the filter holder which sits on top of the carafe.

Step 3
Rinse the paper filter with hot water from the kettle and allow the water to gather into the carafe—this also helps warm the carafe. Discard the hot water.

Step 4
Add the premeasured coffee grounds to the filter and gently shake to level. Use 1g of coffee for every 16g of water.

Step 5
Using a gooseneck kettle, 2 minutes off boil or between 200 and 205 °F, add enough water to saturate the ground coffee and wait 30 seconds—this is referred to as the bloom as the coffee releases CO2.

Step 6
After the bloom, begin pouring water in a slow spiral beginning near the middle and working outwards. It should be about 3 to 5g of water per second. Bring the water about two thirds up the filter.

Step 7
After the last of the water is finishing dripping—about 45 seconds—continue pouring in a centrical pattern, tightening and expanding, to cover all parts of the bed of coffee. Each pour should saturate the bed of coffee. The process should take about two and half to just over three minutes (depending on brew size). Discard the spent filter and enjoy!