Grind size: Fine
Coffee quantity: 13g
Water temp: 200 °F
Brew time: Aprox. 5 minutes
Gear required: AeroPress, sturdy mug, kettle, scale, coffee grinder


Step 1
Remove cap from AeroPress and pull the plunger above the 4- mark.

Step 2
Heat 200g of water to 200 °F and grind to fine 13g of coffee.

Step 3
Flip the AeroPress upside down so the mouth is facing upwards.

Step 4
Add ground coffee and enough water to cover—let bloom for 20 seconds.

Step 5
Add the rest of the water and stir for about 10 seconds.

Step 6
Twist the cap back on and let sit for 70 seconds.

Step 7
Invert your cup’s lip over the cap and flip-it and the AeroPress over.

Step 8
Press down gently and stop when you reach the ground coffee.