Our passion for a great cup of coffee runs deep. (Ok, we’re completely obsessed.) And sure, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our fresh-roasted beans, but the art of brewing is also a major factor in a delicious tasting cup of coffee. Ready to become a pro? Our Roast Master has outlined an instructional brew guide for each of our favourite brewing methods. So have fun exploring and experimenting, and if you ever have questions, come by the Roastery and chat with a member of our Coffee Crew!

A word from our Roast Master:
Did you know brewing with fresh roasted coffee always makes the best coffee? After four or five weeks, even unopened bags of coffee begin to stale. Caliber Coffee Roasters roasts fresh daily, so you’re always guaranteed fresh roasted coffee! Regardless of how you brew, fresh roasted coffee means quality in the cup! Exceptional green beans—meticulously roasted—perfectly brewed!