Great Coffee. Made For Prairie Folk.

And, you know... anyone who likes really good coffee.

We consistently offer high-quality, expertly roasted, great-tasting coffee to the people of Saskatchewan. We do this in a friendly, authentic, and sustainable manner.


Bring a little more warmth to your morning with the comforting, spicy notes of Prairie Hearth. This cozy blend is the perfect companion to keep you toasty-warm during our cold and snowy prairie winters.


Our Showroom has something special for every coffee lover—explore brewing equipment, gear and accessories from leading brands like Lelit, Hario, Espro, Chemex and so many more.


We established Caliber Coffee Roasters with a simple vision-to roast really good coffee on the prairies. We begin each day with green beans harvested from exceptional coffee farms around the world, & then roast meticulously in small batches to exacting standards. This ensures every bit of fresh, delicate flavour ends up in your cup! Crafted on the prairies for prairie folk-like us!