Grind size: Medium
Coffee to water ratio: 16g water to 1g coffee
Water temp: 195 – 205 °F
Brew Time: Varies by brewer
Gear required: Auto-drip coffee maker, scale, filters, coffee grinder 

Brewing great tasting coffee with your auto-drip coffee maker requires a little bit of finessing on your part. This includes weighing the coffee as well as the water to ensure the coffee-to-water ratio is acceptable. Don’t be fooled with the graphic cup graduations on an auto-drip coffee maker—a “cup” is subjective to each manufacturer and is often not 250ml! Also, disregard the idea of tablespoons to measure ground coffee, since tablespoons are a volumetric measure, and the amount of ground coffee will vary greatly based on individual grind size—that’s why we weigh the coffee and water! We like to start with a 1 to 16 ratio of coffee to water respectively. Weigh the amount of water desired using the carafe, and divide that number by 16 for the total grams of whole bean coffee you will need—then grind the beans using a quality burr grinder. For example 1,250g of water will require 78g of coffee. Adjust your preference accordingly for the perfect cup of coffee every time—just like the professionals!

And remember—deep clean your auto-drip coffee maker and coffee grinder often using the manufacturers guidelines. This will guarantee a fresh, perfectly brewed cup of coffee every day!

Step 1
We recommend you use a scale and a small glass to accurately weigh the whole bean before grinding. 16g of water to 1g of coffee is recommended—this can be adjusted based on individual preference. 

Step 2
Pour filtered cold water in the reservoir to the desired level based on the number of cups brewing. Water quality, as with all brew methods, is essential to enjoying a great cup of coffee. 

Step 3
Pour the measured whole beans into a quality burr grinder and grind to medium grind size. Place your choice of paper or reusable filter in the brew basket and pour the ground coffee into the filter basket. Shake gently to distribute evenly. 

Step 4
Load the brew basket into place and ensure the carafe is under the shower head. Turn the switch on to brew. Depending on your machine and quantity of coffee you’re brewing, it should take approximately five to 10 minutes
to brew. 

If using a glass carafe, and you’re not expecting to drink the coffee within 15 minutes, it’s always a good idea to move the brew to a thermal carafe. A hot plate will develop bitterness in the taste profile relatively quickly. 

Sometimes inexpensive coffee machines will under-perform out-of-the-box. For example, the baskets are not large enough to hold enough coffee to brew a full pot of coffee, or the element doesn’t heat the recommended temperature for suitable extraction. Consider investing in an SCAA Certified coffee maker that brew with even saturation at the recommended temperature between 195 to 205 °F.