Spring Blend

Java Blawan Estate

Tanzania Finagro Estate

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Brazil Seven Falls

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Smooth, round-bodied, and nutty with notes of cocoa. / Certified: RFA

Burundi Nduwayezu

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Bright candied grape, licorice & grapefruit.

Colombia Los Mandarinos *

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Nutty and sweet with bright berry notes and a round body. / Certified: RFA

Costa Rica San Marcos

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Smooth and easy drinking, with cocoa notes & a refreshingly dry finish. / Certified: RFA

Costa Rica Vargas Farm

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Chocolate & black tea with honeyed mango & raspberry notes.

Decaf Brazil Cerrado

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Full-bodied and sweet with notes of nut and chocolate.

Ethiopia Kaffa Dawi

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Splash of watermelon & milk chocolate with a caramel & strawberry finish. / Certified: UTZ/BF

Guatemala Huehuetenango

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Sweet & creamy, with a bright, roasted cashew flavour. / Certified: RFA

Java Blawan Estate

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Earthy, black current, nutty & chocolate with a caramel finish.

Mexico MOCABE Co-op

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Bakers chocolate, earthy & spicy with a pleasant savory finish. / Certified: Organic

Peru Norte

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Full-bodied and smooth, with notes of roasted nuts and toffee. / Certified: FTO/UTZ/BF

Tanzania Finagro Estate

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Strawberry candy & honeydew melon with a delicate tangy finish. / Certified: RFA

Sumatra Mandheling

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Earthy and spicy, medium-bodied, with a chocolate finish.

Zambia Mafinga Plateau *

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Plum & ripe cherry, with a red grape finish. / Certified: RFA

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Breakfast Blend

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Chocolate and walnut notes with a subtle green grape finish.

French Roast

/ Roast: French / Notes: Bold, rich, and complex, with a pleasing bite.

House Blend

/ Roast: Dark / Notes: Bold, rich, and juicy, with dark chocolate and black cherry notes and a dry finish.

House Classic Espresso

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Our traditional Italian espresso profile. Dark and sweet with smooth nutty flavours and rich chocolate notes.

Spring Blend

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Bright, floral nose and fruit notes with a hint of earthiness.

Swiss Water Decaf

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: A nutty, rich, and smooth blend that produces both a clean-drinking brewed cup and a classic espresso profile.

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* - Of course, any coffee can be used for espresso - after all, espresso is just another brew method. But due to the less forgiving nature of brewing espresso we test and flag our current fav coffee for modern single-origin espresso generally served without dairy.

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