Our coffee beans are available at our Roastery Store, our retail partners and and at many great local cafes offered as Espresso and Drip Coffee. Please visit the WHERE TO BUY and WHERE TO DRINK pages for more details. 


Mar. 2020 / Tanzania Finagro Estate RFA

Mar. 2020 / Indonesia Java Blawan

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Feb. 2020 / Ethiopia Kaffa Dawi

Feb. 2020 / Costa Rica Vargas Farm

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Brazil Seven Falls

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Smooth, round-bodied, and nutty with notes of cocoa. / Certified: RFA

Burundi Nduwayezu

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Bright candied grape, licorice & grapefruit.

Colombia Los Mandarinos *

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Nutty and sweet with bright berry notes and a round body. / Certified: RFA

Costa Rica San Marcos

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Smooth and easy drinking, with cocoa notes & a refreshingly dry finish. / Certified: RFA

Costa Rica Vargas Farm

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Chocolate & black tea with honeyed mango & raspberry notes.

Decaf Brazil Cerrado

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Full-bodied and sweet with notes of nut and chocolate.

Ethiopia Kaffa Dawi

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Splash of watermelon & milk chocolate with a caramel & strawberry finish. / Certified: UTZ/BF

Guatemala Huehuetenango

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Sweet & creamy, with a bright, roasted cashew flavour. / Certified: RFA

Mexico MOCABE Co-op

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Bakers chocolate, earthy & spicy with a pleasant savory finish. / Certified: Organic

Peru Norte

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Full-bodied and smooth, with notes of roasted nuts and toffee. / Certified: FTO/UTZ/BF

Sumatra Mandheling

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Earthy and spicy, medium-bodied, with a chocolate finish.

Zambia Mafinga Plateau *

/ Roast: Light / Notes: Plum & ripe cherry, with a red grape finish. / Certified: RFA

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Breakfast Blend

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Chocolate and walnut notes with a subtle green grape finish.

Fireside Blend

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Rich with gentle chocolate and spice notes.

French Roast

/ Roast: French / Notes: Bold, rich, and complex, with a pleasing bite.

House Blend

/ Roast: Dark / Notes: Bold, rich, and juicy, with dark chocolate and black cherry notes and a dry finish.

House Classic Espresso

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: Our traditional Italian espresso profile. Dark and sweet with smooth nutty flavours and rich chocolate notes.

Swiss Water Decaf

/ Roast: Med-Dark / Notes: A nutty, rich, and smooth blend that produces both a clean-drinking brewed cup and a classic espresso profile.

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* - Of course, any coffee can be used for espresso - after all, espresso is just another brew method. But due to the less forgiving nature of brewing espresso we test and flag our current fav coffee for modern single-origin espresso generally served without dairy.

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