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Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry 340 G


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Caliber Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry Beans Bag/340 g

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/ Roast: Light / Notes: chocolate / spice / honeydew melon

When it comes to coffee, Sulawesi is different from the rest of Indonesia—and Toarco Jaya is unique in Sulawesi.

Traditionally, coffee in Sulawesi is usually sold by volume at a regional market, and then resold by weight at the giant Pasar Bolu market in Rantepao. This allows each person in the supply chain to receive payment immediately, but usually benefits the collectors, and scuttles some traceability. But some local players are following in the footsteps of Toarco Jaya and are departing from tradition.

Toarco Jaya is a joint Japanese and Indonesian venture established in 1976. The organization and attention to detail makes their coffee some of the best in the world. Green coffee is screened for defects at collection stations, as well as Toarco Jaya’s collection office just outside the Bolu Market in Rantepao. Accepted green lots are transported to the milling facility. After hulling, density separation, screening, and hand-sorting, randomly selected green coffee is inspected for defects. After passing Quality Control, there is yet another inspection of samples before cupping for flavor profile and consistency. It’s an incredibly rigorous system.

Toarco Jaya has circumvented the traditional market process by growing coffee on their own Pedamaran Plantation, which surrounds their processing facility, as well as sourcing coffee from trusted producers throughout the region while subjecting the offerings to the same strict quality control. Most of their coffee comes from these surrounding farms. Their quality control is so stringent that Toarco Jaya has made a name for themselves in specialty coffee by upholding these standards for more than 40 years.

Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry is sourced from the Toraja people, an indigenous group from the central mountain region on the southern part of Sulawesi Island (formerly known as Celebes). Toarco Jaya has a long history of contributing to the region’s economic development and social improvement programs. They have improved the lives of all the coffee farmers that strive for the same superior standard by paying them a premium price for green coffee. The social responsibility goes even further through investments in the infrastructure of the coffee region such as the building of bridges to connect Pulu-pulu and Sapan.

We’re excited to offer you this exceptional, limited coffee. Roasted by our Roast Master to a light roast, look for a bright, yet pleasant acidity, spicy chocolate notes, and a subtle & curiously clean tropical fruit & lime finish.

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