PuckPuck Aeropress Cold Brew


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PuckPuck Aeropress Cold Brew

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PUCKPUCK is the awesome new way to create great-tasting cold brew coffee just like you would get from a large and expensive cold brew drip tower. Without compromising on the amazing taste of slow dripped cold brew coffee, the PUCKPUCK is designed to be used with an AeroPress® Coffee Maker at home or on the go.

The PUCKPUCK’s innovative use of a standard mineral water screw thread allows you to use leading brand mineral water as part of your setup – perfect for traveling. The same screw thread accommodates the PUCKPUCK vessel (included in this PUCKPUCK with Water Vessel set), which is designed to work beautifully with both the AeroPress® coffee maker and the PUCKPUCK creating an all-in-one system that not only works well but is also designed to look good in your home.

Twist the PUCKPUCK’s quick-adjust drip valve to set the drip rate and use the free drip counter app to get it just right.

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