Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine


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Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine

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Bianca is an espresso machine without compromises, with an E61 group, manual control of the water flow, and a dual boiler. It has been created for those demanding baristas!

Paddle – Rotating it, you gradually vary the water flow inside the group until the highest pressure is reached. This way you can manually control every single phase of the coffee extraction to obtain the best possible result in the cup with every type of coffee blend.

LCC – It allows to control all the machine parameters, such as the temperature regulation for the coffee extraction and steam delivery, the pre-infusion times, the stand-by times, the possibility of enabling or disabling the steam boiler, the partial and total doses counter, and the possibility of visualizing the temperature in °C or °F.

Dual Boiler – Two separate boilers, one for steam and hot water delivery and one for the coffee extraction. A system studied to grant higher temperature stability and to allow the simultaneous delivery of coffee and steam.

Other features:

  • Repositionable water tank with automatic coupling
  • Anti-burn/cool touch wands
  • Measure the real extraction pressure
  • Stainless steel appliance body and parts
  • Energy saving
  • Adaptive to the different working conditions and to the different extraction needs of each barista
  • 58mm filter-holder 
  • Wood handles 
  • LCD high-resolution graphic display

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