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Lelit Anna 2 LEPL41TEM110 Espresso Machine


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Lelit Anna 2 LEPL41TEM110 Espresso Machine

In stock

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Small size – High performance 
Anna is a set of espresso machines for those who get into espresso coffee for the first time and look for a real semi-professional machine.

PID temperature controller – The built-in PID temperature controller ensures stable brew water temperature which is vital for great tasting espresso. 

Professional build quality – The group head, boiler, and filter basket are made from brass, which ensures very good thermal stability; the performances of the boiler and matched it with a professional steam wand, so that espresso coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos at home would become an everyday routine.

A trustworthy taste indicator – The brew pressure gauge built into LELIT machines shows whether the brewing pressure is optimal. Too little pressure indicates an under extraction (insipid flavor), too much pressure indicates an over-extraction (b

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