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Kenya Muranga 340 G


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Caliber Kenya Muranga Medium Beans Bag/340 g

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/ Roast: Medium / Notes: jammy / spicy / milk chocolate / orange zest

Kenya is known of course for some of the world’s best coffees. Within the industry, it’s also known for the meticulous at-scale processing—bright white parchment beans, perfectly sorted by density and bulk at higher elevations, are the norm as well as a matter of pride for generations of Kenyan processing managers. Ample water resources in the central growing regions have historically allowed factories to wash, and re-wash, and soak, and wash their coffees again, with fresh, cold, river water.

Western Muranga County runs directly into the upland Aberdare Mountain range and sits on top of rich, red volcanic soil—ideal for producing some of Kenya’s best coffees. Muranga is an oblong county that sits between the industrious Kiambu County and the coffee producing counties of Kenya’s central province.

Located here you’ll find the Gondo processing station, one of three sites managed by the New Kiriti Farmers’ Cooperative Society. The FCS is an umbrella organization that centralizes management and marketing relationships and supports 2,469 farmer members across three washing stations. The society was founded in 1998 and retains its main office in the Mathioya district of Muranga County. New Kiriti FCS supports the Kayu and Kirimahiga stations along with the Gondo station, where 727 individual farmers in these fertile foothills average half-acre plots and 250 coffee trees per family.

At Gondo, the cherry is hand-sorted for ripeness and floated for density before receiving and depulped each day. After the coffee is washed, it’s soaked in fresh water for long periods of time to stop sugar fermentation and clean the parchment. The coffee is dried over a period of two weeks on raised beds, which are carefully constructed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control for optimal drying. When light roasted, coffees from the Gondo washing station tend to be rich and tangy, with syrupy texture and tart fruit notes.

Our Roast Master has roasted this Kenyan to a medium roast to reveal a rich, wine-like and full-bodied coffee. Big flavours of fruit-jam are followed by subtle spicy milk chocolate which moves into a pleasing zesty orange finish.

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