Hario Syphon TCA-3/360ml


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Hario Syphon TCA-3/360ml

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The syphon (or siphon, if you’re so inclined) is the epitome of coffee theatre and can produce stunning coffee. Whether you want to impress your friends with a device that looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab or just to make a delicious cup of coffee in a stylish and elaborate way, this is the piece of brewing kit for you.

The Hario TCA-3 syphon consists of a metal stand that holds a glass bulb, a glass chamber with a tube on the bottom that fits into the bulb, and a cloth filter. Everything you need comes in the box, apart from the alcohol to fuel the included burner. Whilst the burner that is included works nicely, Hario recommends that you invest in a butane burner, for better control of the flame and the brewing process. Caliber carries the Rekrow ActionFlame RK4601 Micro Butane Burner if you are interested in investing a butane burner. 

(The TCA-3 has a 360ml capacity).

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