Hario Syphon NEXT NXA-5/600ml


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Hario Syphon NEXT NXA-5/600ml

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Coffee syphons have been used for hundreds of years – we have taken this classic and historical device and elevated it with a modern design and quality materials. 

The “Next” Syphon’s handle has been updated with a rubber coating, allowing for better grip and easy carrying. The lower chamber has new volumetric markings at 400, 500, and 600ml. While the burner that is included works nicely, Hario recommends that you invest in a butane burner, for better control of the flame and the brewing process. Caliber carries the Rekrow ActionFlame RK4601 Micro Butane Burner if you are interested in investing in a butane burner.

This syphon also includes a new stainless-steel filter in addition to the original cloth filter. Use the cloth filter for a cleaner, lighter-bodied coffee or the stainless filter for a fuller mouthfeel.

(Capacity: 600ml)

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