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Finca Santa Clara 340 G


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Caliber Santa Clara Honey Beans Light Bag/340 g

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/ Roast: Light / Notes: melon / pistachio / cocoa / nectarine

This exceptional Single Family Farm coffee was purchased for it’s quality and the farmer’s responsible farming practices. With your help we have been able to reward these small farmers by directly paying them a premium over and above the negotiated green bean price. This ensures that the farmers & their local communities continue to prosper. It is a small gesture in a growing campaign to show coffee farmers that harvesting the highest-graded coffee is well worth their efforts—we hope you agree!

From the farms of Ricardo Zelaya comes Guatemala Santa Clara Honey. Back in 1908, Ricardo Zelaya’s great grandfather accumulated several properties throughout Guatemala—& generations of his family have followed in his path. Ricardo took over the farms in 1989, & today there is a strong and dedicated team under his leadership. They are committed & in love with coffee production, as well as the social and environmental responsibilities it entails. There are a series of scholarship funds including the Santa Clara Scholarship—it covers 70% of the students expenses for tuition, books, school supplies, & uniforms.

Finca Santa Clara is located on the southern slopes of Antiqua. Rich volcanic soils and strict shade-grown growing controls produce this equisetic and aromatic coffee. After sorting & wet milling, the green beans—with all the mucilage—are placed in the greenhouses to dry for around 15-20 days. Caliber Coffee Roasters is delighted to roast and offer this exceptional coffee—with soft notes of melon & subtle pistachio, moving into dry cocoa notes & a lingering nectarine finish. 

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