Fellow Clara French Press – Matte Black/24oz


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Fellow Clara French Press – Matte Black/24oz

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With nuanced details and upgraded features, this brewing process is easy, enjoyable, and the epitome of a coffee table centerpiece. Whether you want to dial in a French press recipe at breakfast or entertain a crowd with a shrimp cocktail in one hand and Clara in the other, you will end up with an elevated cup.

  • Easy to Use – with the assist of the coffee line and hot water lines.
  • Thoughtful details – All-direction Pour Lid to convenient your pouring process and Agitation Stick to aid in extraction.
  • Clean Cup of Coffee – Clara’s Enhanced Filtration Mesh brings out clean and complex flavors in a full-bodied brew. For easy clean-up, make a dash for the compost bin and watch the slick interior coating go to work.
  • Heat-lock Double Wall Vacuum – to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the brew for a better-tasting cup of French press coffee.
  • Easy-Clean Non-stick Coating – Grinds and gunk begone. A non-stick interior makes clean-up a snap, so you can start sipping sooner.

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