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Caliber Cool Beans Cold Brew Blend Bag/340 g

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Cold Brew Blend 2021 

/ Roast: Medium / Notes: Bright orange citrus with notes of plum, chocolate & vanilla. 

 It’s back, baby! Caliber Cool Beans Cold-Brew Blend—just in time for summer! Cold Brew Coffee is prepared using cold water and a little patience—the result is a smooth & refreshing hot-summer day beverage! Perfect for the patio or the beach, camping or the neighbourhood park—Cool Beans Cold Brew will be your go-to cool-beverage! And cold-brew coffee isn’t just for sipping—keep reading for other great cold-brew taste sensations!

To begin, you’ll need to brew some cold-brew coffee using our always fresh-roasted custom blend. Try our quart sealer recipe on the back of the package—easy peasy! First grind 90 grams of Cool Beans Blend using a very course grind—similar to cracked pepper. Next, add the grounds to a quart sealer jar and top off with cold water, cover, and let steep in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours. Lastly, strain the coffee to remove the grounds by using your favorite metal or paper filter—you can even use a fine metal sieve. Just don’t rush this step—let gravity do the work! And if you prefer, Caliber’s store has a selection of cold brewers for every want and budget.

The taste of bright orange citrus, with notes of plum, chocolate & vanilla, makes this the perfect coffee for sipping over ice. But for something different, try adding some milk or cream, and maybe your favorite flavoring. One of our favorites is a splash of milk and a couple dashes of 1883 Maison Routin coconut syrup to taste—so delicious and refreshing! And if coconut isn’t your muse, then you should check out our entire line of 1883 syrups—we have a flavour for every taste!

Cold-brew coffee is the perfect partner to elevate and shake-up your Café Martini—now you can resurrect your dreary cocktails with fresh brewed coffee! Others will enjoy using for an easy and unique bistro quality desert—simply drizzle some cold-brew coffee over your favorite ice cream for a delicious Affogato—it’s that easy! And don’t forget it’s the main ingredient for a café mocha float—just add to your favorite chocolate ice-cream! In fact, if you bake (or know someone who does) cold-brew coffee is the must-have ingredient for brownies or chocolate-coffee mousse! The possibilities are endless. If you discover a new treat idea, or have a tried and tested recipe you’re wanting to share, comment in our cold-brew social media post. Till then—enjoy!

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