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Caliber Cool Beans Cold Brew Blend Bag/340 g

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/ Roast: Medium / Notes: nectarine / chocolate / citrus

After a long prairie winter, it’s time to get your chill back on – Cool Beans are back, baby! It seems like only yesterday we were looking to escape our snowy landscape, staying indoors just to keep warm – but in the blink of an eye, we’re anticipating beautiful plus thirty temperatures and the adventures summertime will bring! What better way to cool down from the heat after a long walk with your furry friend, the bike ride you didn’t want to end, or the yard work and gardening (where there’s always another mountain to climb!) than with a refreshing, ice-cold glass of cold brew? So grab a bag of our Cool Beans Blend and start brewing your beautiful cool-down and pep-up elixir! To begin, you’ll need to brew some cold-brew coffee using our always fresh-roasted custom blend. Try our quart sealer recipe on the back of the package – easy peasy! First, grind 90 grams of Cool Beans Blend using a very course grind (similar to cracked pepper). Next, add the grounds to a quart sealer jar and top off with cold water, then cover and let steep in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours. Lastly, strain the coffee to remove the grounds by using your favourite metal or paper filter – you can even use a fine metal sieve. Don’t rush the last step—let gravity do the work! Aside from our quart sealer brew method, our store has a selection of cold brewers for every want and budget. The taste of bright orange citrus, with soft notes of cashew, nectarine and cocoa followed by a subtle zesty lemon finish make this the perfect coffee for sipping over ice – brilliant on its own or with a little milk and a splash of your favourite flavour! Cold brew coffee is ideal for an evening soiree – use it for the perfect coffee martini or a delicious Affogato (that’s a fancy name for drizzling some cold brew coffee over your favorite ice cream), and of course it’s the main ingredient for a café mocha float! Even a great addition to a baker’s pantry, cold brew coffee is a must-have for making brownies or chocolate-coffee mousse. The possibilities are endless – enjoy!

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