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Caliber Colombia Finca El Globito Light Bag/340 g

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/ Roast: Light / Notes: apricot / honey / pear / lime

This exceptional Single Family Farm coffee was purchased for it’s quality and the farmer’s responsible farming practices. With your help we have been able to reward these small farmers by directly paying them a premium over and above the negotiated green bean price. This ensures that the farmers & their local communities continue to prosper. It is a small gesture in a growing campaign to show coffee farmers that harvesting the highest-graded coffee is well worth their efforts—we hope you agree!

Sebastian Trujillo is a second-generation coffee producer—he purchased the three-hectare farm from his father in 2008. Named the Finca El Globito, the farm is situated in Peñas Negras, Tarqui, Huila, Colombia. At an elevation of over 55 hundred feet above sea level, the Finca El Globito boasts 16,000 trees (5,000 + trees per hectare) which include Castillo, Colombia & Caturra varietals. The rocky soil yields its fruits between May & August, peaking in June. There is also a mitaca harvest between October and January, peaking in November (mitaca is Spanish for intermediate and the word is used often regarding coffee cultivation). The Finca El Globito produces four thousand kilograms in parchment annually. 

During peak harvest times, Sebastian himself will assist in the picking of the coffee cherries. He mentions that one of his biggest challenges is finding pickers willing to come up the mountain so far from town to work on his steep farmland. Two days of picking are pooled, and depulping takes place on the final day of picking. The coffee is then left to ferment in open-air tanks for 40-50 hours in very little water & then is washed 3 to 4 times or until the water stays fresh. 

Drying the green coffee takes 20-30 days using a solar drying unit—but it depends on the weather. A solar dryer harvests the sun’s energy with solar panels and uses that clean energy to power a high-efficiency mechanical dryer, which works like a convection oven. As a result, solar dried coffee is free from the costs and limitations associated with the sun-drying method. However, this often presents another challenge for Sebastian to dry the coffee after picking. 

It is very cloudy here and I have limited space in my dryer, so when the harvest comes in all at once, drying it evenly is difficult. When this happens, many farmers skip processing their coffee and sell it just after being depulped, so I can sometimes find space with my neighbors.

Despite some of the challenges Sebastian faces producing his green coffee, he is always positive and looking forward. Sebastian’s plans for the future of Finca El Globito include expanding his coffee offerings. 

I have been interested in finding Gesha seeds or Pink Burbon to replace some older Caturra. Otherwise, I want to keep innovating and improving my processing and cultivation based on the cupping results that Ana Beatriz (Fairfield cupper and buyer) provides me.

And finally, Sebastian Trujillo provided some friendly words for the roasters fortunate enough to obtain some of this outstanding green coffee from the Finca El Globito.

This is a family business, and we work hard, so I hope that other businesses buying our coffee can appreciate all our hard work and effort.

Caliber Coffee Roasters is honored to roast & offer to our customers this exceptional coffee. Our Roast Master has roasted the green bean to a light roast to best reveal a tea-like body with a floral nose, followed by subtle notes of apricot, honey, pear & lime, with a soft, lingering finish. If you enjoy light roasted coffees, it is sure to become one of your new favorites! 

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