Chemex Odorless Cleaning Solution/60ml


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Chemex Odorless Cleaning Solution/60ml

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This odorless cleaner is the most effective available. One use lasts 2-3 times longer than other cleaning methods and leaves your automatic coffeemaker sparkling clean. (Not for use with direct-pump machines).

  • 2oz. (60ml)
  • For use in automatic coffeemakers – not for use with plumbed-in machines.
  • Pour cleaner into the coffeemaker’s carafe and fill with water.
  • With brew filter in place, cycle cleaner through coffeemaker as if brewing a pot of coffee. Discard.
  • Allow unit to cool between cycles.
  • Rinse by brewing clean water through your coffeemaker an additional two times.
  • For best results, repeat this cleaning process once every 1-3 months.

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