BARATZAGear Single Dose Hopper – Black


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BARATZAGear Single Dose Hopper – Black

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Our new Single Dose Hopper is designed for you to explore different coffees daily. Your entire household can easily switch between decaf or regular, single-origin or blends, light or dark roasts. Your Single Dose Hopper is ready for what your palate craves. 

This tool allows you to measure out and single-dose only the coffee beans you need for your brewing recipe. The dual-purpose lid of the hopper integrates a cup for dosing on your preferred weighing scale and a transfer vessel for your dose to pour directly into your grinder. 

Preserve coffee freshness by storing in the original packaging or a different container. This hopper helps streamline your workflow and make your grinding quick and clean, while minimizing the gadgets on your coffee station – at home or at work.

Compatible with our Encore, Virtuoso+, Vario, and Forte grinders.

The capacity is approximately 60 grams.

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