Warranty conditions for LELIT residential machines represented by Ambassador Distributing Inc.

The company Caliber Coffee Roasters, a division of Ambassador Distributing Inc., which represents the Lelit brand in Saskatchewan, Canada, grants to the customer, on this machine designed and built for household use, a warranty under the following conditions:

12 months from the date of original purchase

1) Warranty will only be granted if the LELIT machine is purchased from Caliber Coffee Roasters, division of Ambassador Distributing Inc. – “Ambassador”

2) The defects will be eliminated by Ambassador during the warranty period. Depending on Ambassador’s decision, the warranty service will be performed, by repair or replacement of defective parts. The execution of warranty services does not entail an extension or renewal of the warranty period. Replaced parts become the property of Ambassador.

3) Warranty services do not apply in case of damage or defects that result from an improper use, electrical damage, handling, transport, frost, repair or processing carried out by unauthorized persons and the non-compliance with instructions. Also, the guarantee does not apply if the Lelit operating instructions and maintenance are not observed, or if Lelit or Lelit approved maintenance products are not used. The wear parts (such as O-rings, grinding discs, valves) are also excluded from the guarantee as well as damages resulting from the presence of foreign bodies in the grinder (stone, wood, paper clips, for example). The heating parts exploded due to overheating from lack of water are by no means guaranteed.

4) The purchase receipt indicating the date of purchase and the type of machine is proof of the right to warranty. The purchase receipt must contain the serial number of the machine.

5) Warranty services will be performed in Regina, Saskatchewan. Machines acquired in Saskatchewan, Canada and then taken out of the country are not covered by this warranty.

6) This warranty does not cover any breakage due to poor or improper packaging before shipping.

7) The machine must absolutely be drained of it’s water before shipping to avoid risks of frost. Email care@calibercoffee.ca for details.

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